Middle School

Courses Offered


English 6
English 7
English 8

The english program develops students’ proficiency in reading, writing, and speaking. In sixth, seventh and eighth grades, students take focus on literature studies, grammar and composition. Forensics competition with schools in the Association of Virginia Academies offers wide-ranging opportunities for public performances.


Math 6
Algebra I | Algebra I, Part 1

The math curriculum, broad-based and concept-driven, develops students’ reasoning and problem-solving skills and their ability to apply and use math principles practically.


Science 6
Life Science 7
Physical Science 8


Science 6, Life Science 7 and Earth Science 8 lay the groundwork for upper school studies that will ultimately prepare students for college work. In middle school, students learn basic scientific principles and methodology.


History 6
Civics and Economics
World Geography

The social sciences program entails History 6, Civics and Economics in seventh grade and World Geography in eighth grade. Students participate in map studies, special projects and presentations.


8th Grade – Spanish I | French I

Eighth graders choose between Spanish and French.

Library Services

The library media center, centrally located on campus and staffed by a librarian offers multimedia collections for all grade levels, including over 14,000 books and 150 audiovisual materials. The center has AV equipment and computers for student use. Student access (filtered access) to the Internet is available on all computers. The librarian strives to stimulate students’ love of literature and to develop their library/research skills.


The Hubbard Computer Labs contains networked PCs with filtered Internet access, color printer, digital cameras, iPads and Chromebooks. Each classroom is also equipped with a computer with filtered Internet access. There is a campus wide wireless Meraki network for students, faculty, staff, and guests.


PE 6
PE 7
Health & PE 8

The PE curriculum promotes physical fitness and wellness. Students learn about proper conditioning, strength training, and sports skills by participating in interscholastic athletics and/or community recreation activities. The Health class, required in eighth grade, covers nutrition, fitness, personal health, basic anatomy and physiology, and issues related to alcohol and drug abuse.


Middle School Enrichment classes include innovative, imaginative STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) activities and include our Unlocking Potential (UP) Program. These Enrichment classes are a time when different members of our faculty and staff share their expertise in areas such as, but not limited to effective use of Google and ParentsWeb Accounts, study skills, test taking skills, academic research, and forensics. These classes will promote higher order thinking skills through collaborative group work and individualized project based research and design.


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